The Power of Mo

A week before the deadline, the Hornets dealt Gary Neal and a 2019 Draft Pick for veteran guard Mo Williams and a streaky sharpshooter in Troy Daniels.  This trade was GM Rich Cho’s way of addressing Charlotte’s issues with shooting from behind the 3 Point Line, perhaps the weakest aspect of the squad’s game.  Gary […]

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Today is a day I have been waiting a very long time for. My favorite rapper, Joey Bada$$ dropped his debut studio album, B4DA$$, and it is a must have for any hip-hop fan.  This 17 track album appears to be both selling and reviewing very well according to the iTunes Store and Youtubers like […]

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Still Buzzing

I tried to write something earlier this week but it got deleted forever somehow.  Technology is a cruel and punishing mistress.  With this post, I make my triumphant return to Goon Quest. I realize I have not made a post since September, mainly due to my busy first semester schedule. I have confidence that I […]

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Roast Beast

Goon Quest is finally back. I found a pocket of time in my semi-hectic schedule to bring you some important information. Today I went for a walk in Coolidge Corner to drop off some film.  After that I went to the bank to deposit money and then got my laundry card (finally).  This past weekend […]

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I am in the thick of college business right now. I have had very little time to myself and thus haven’t been able to write on this blog. Once I have my schedule figured out in a week or two I should be back to normal. I have been slammed with reading in all of […]

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No More Simpsons… but!

I can no longer account on these Simpsons episodes. I am still watching them a lot, but writing about them lost its shimmer after a week of doing it continuously. The era that the franchise is in now is very familiar to me because I was a huge fan and watched these episodes as they […]

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Every. Simpsons. Ever. Day 6

This day marks the half way point for this record shattering marathon. I literally have nothing else to do so I might as well watch. This week is indeed quite arduous for me because everyone is back at school and I’m stuck here in vapid suburbia. I am sick to my stomach of these commercials […]

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